Morino Institute

quote1Dedicated to sharing the message of high performance to a broader audience. quote1

The Morino Institute was founded in 1994 to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, advance a more effective philanthropy, close social divides, and understand the relationship and impact of the Internet on our society. Initiatives have included the Potomac KnowledgeWay, Netpreneur, the Youth Development Collaborative, and YouthLearn. The culmination of its early years resulted in  helping create Venture Philanthropy Partners which it continues to support.

The Morino Institute also facilitates and supports activities via its Leap of Reason initiative which is dedicated to sharing the message of high performance to a broader audience. Projects within this initiative include the development, publication, and dissemination of Leap of Reason and the packaging and distribution of Working Hard—and Working Well, both educational materials. The Institute also provides assistance to the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community with the purpose of 1) inspiring, motivating, and supporting nonprofit and public sector leaders to build great organizations for greater societal impact and 2) increasing the expectation and adoption of high performance as the path to this end.

Mario Morino speaks about the Morino Institute

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