Leap of Reason

Leap of Reason inspires leaders in the social and public sectors to take bold action to create more meaningful, measurable good for those they serve. The book is the product of decades of management insights from philanthropist Mario Morino, McKinsey & Company, and more than a dozen experts and practitioners. Now in its fourth printing, the book is informing board retreats, strategic planning efforts, staff-development initiatives, and university management classes across the U.S. and in more than 60 countries around the world.

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Praise for Leap of Reason

“This book pushes us in the nonprofit field not to confuse good intentions with real results. In a book that is remarkably free of jargon, he asks that our discipline be as strong as our convictions and we define where are we going and how we’re going to get there—because that’s how we change the world. Every nonprofit leader will benefit from reading this book.”
David S. KassPresidentPresident, Council For A Strong America
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Working Hard—and Working Well

Working Hard—and Working Well is a sleeves-rolled-up companion to Leap of Reason. The book is a resolutely practical guide to developing the discipline and culture of performance management.

Even as performance management has gained prominence in conferences and publications, it is still widely under-appreciated and misunderstood. David decodes and defangs performance management, providing history, context, and concrete guidance for those who want to do more to improve the lives of those they serve.

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Praise for
Working Hard-and Working Well

“[David Hunter’s] chapter on “How to Get Started: Four Days of Intense Introspection” using the framework of “a theory of change” is outstanding and gives you something tangible to work with… I think that the Hunter book makes a quantum leap beyond [Mario] Morino’s book to actually show you how to implement these principles. There is also an excellent summary that puts performance management in context, and shows how the federal government and others have been promoting these concepts for a number of years regarding federal government programs and non-profit programs and services.”
Jim SchuylerExecutive DirectorVirginia Community Action Partnership
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