Working Hard-and Working Well

quote1To read this book is to hope that all human services organizations, and those that fund them, would embrace its recommendations—and to wonder how many millions of people’s lives would be improved, even saved, if they did. quote1--Phil Buchanan

In Working Hard—and Working Well, Dr. David E.K. Hunter shares the secret formula behind the intensive, tough-love workshops that have sparked transformation for many of the country’s top nonprofit organizations. The book is highly relevant for:

  • Nonprofit leaders who know that guesswork is not enough when lives are on the line
  • Board members and advisors who are brave enough to ensure that their organizations do what they say they do
  • Consultants who want to help nonprofits develop performance cultures and systems
  • Funders who demand performance from their grantees–and are willing to invest in it!

Leap of Reason

Leap of Reason presents a compelling case that we must rise to meet the difficult challenges of our times with management approaches that complement heart with head, passion with information.


About the Author

David Hunter has over three decades of experience in both the public and social sector using performance management systems to improve the quality and effectiveness of social services. He has written numerous articles and presented papers about strategic performance management and how to create, invest in, and sustain social value in complex situations with diverse stakeholders.


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