Quotes from Leaders Like You

quote1 Leaders who see that high performance must be the norm if we are to make meaningful progress in addressing society’s most challenging problems. quote1

“You’re taking someone else’s money to get into somebody else’s life to try to make a difference. You better be showing you can make a difference!”

Molly BaldwinExecutive DirectorRoca, Inc.

“Stories substituting for facts is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me!”

Anne GoodmanPresident & CEOCleveland Foodbank

“Any school in the country can do this. And it breaks my heart that we’re not [all] doing this!”

Lou SalzaHead of SchoolLawrence School

“Every day, you have to say, ’How can we do this more efficiently and more effectively?’ It’s in our DNA.”

Patrick LawlerCEOYouth Villages

Leap of Reason is the clearest case statement I have seen for the rationale for ALL nonprofits to adopt performance-management practices and culture.”

Ellen BassDirector, Boston Capacity TankBlack Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston

“Our journey was transformed by Leap of Reason Mr. Morino’s words proved inspirational to us–so much so that we adopted many concepts from his book for our reinvention.”

Denise ZemanPresident & CEO, Saint Luke’s Foundation"Foundation Uses Tough Times as Opportunity to Refocus"Crain's Cleveland, 12/3/12

“This book pushes us in the nonprofit field not to confuse good intentions with real results. In a book that is remarkably free of jargon, he asks that our discipline be as strong as our convictions and we define where are we going and how we’re going to get there—because that’s how we change the world. Every nonprofit leader will benefit from reading this book.”

David S. KassPresidentPresident, Council For A Strong America

“I expected to be enlightened; I didn’t expect to [find] a book that so reinforced our work that it became almost required reading for our Ready by 21 team in Atlanta.”

Brad BryantExecutive DirectorGeorgia Foundation for Public Education

“Mario is not commenting on the game from the skybox. He is a coach, teaching core skills to nonprofit managers, for the benefit of the community served. The skills he teaches are skills he has mastered and lived.”

Phil CubetaSallie B. and William B. Walllace Chair in Philanthropy, The American CollegeGiftHub blog, 9/21/12

“I can say that without a doubt this book is the most useful, practical, down to the real-deal publication of this kind that I have come across in my decades of not-for-profit work.”

Michael Bailinformer presidentEdna McConnell Clark Foundation