Introducing The Big Reset

I’m writing to share The Big Reset, a new resource to help leaders focus on what really matters at this time of crisis. It draws from the informed insights of leaders, many of whom are fellow members in the Leap Ambassadors Community, as well as my own work with nonprofits over the past 25+ years. I hope you’ll find it helpful to your own work and share it with your network.

The Big Reset contains three parts: suggestions for nonprofits, suggestions for funders, and a triage tool to help nonprofits prioritize action items.

Leaders who have given The Big Reset a “test drive” tell us that it has helped them in very practical ways during the most stressful times in their careers. It’s spurring the right conversations between executives and boards. It’s surfacing issues leaders haven’t yet considered. It’s accelerating mission-critical decisions.

I encourage you to take a look at the parts that are relevant for you and share the package with others in your network. And if you’re inclined to tweet or post on LinkedIn, please use the hashtag #TheBigReset and tag @LeapofReason so we can see your comments.

And of course, I welcome your feedback.

My best,

Mario Morino