Learning Without Limits


Learning Without Limits

You’ve heard about the ways in which e-learning is transforming higher education. But we are convinced that e-learning will play a role in changing how we transfer and access knowledge in all aspects of life. Check out the new report Just in Time: The Beyond-the-Hype Potential of E-Learning to learn more.


Are We Solving Yesterday’s Problems?

To avoid majoring on “yesterday’s problems,” we all need to observe and absorb how new technology for collecting, analyzing, and applying information can and will influence our sector in the coming years.


“I Found My Tribe”

Early feedback from attendees of the After the Leap indicate the conference was a success in bringing together high-performance-minded leaders and promoting a feeling of connection and community. Videos and slides from the keynote and plenaries are now available.


This is How Movements Start

Courageous leaders who want to help improve the impact of their own organizations and be part of a movement to increase the performance of the social and public sectors are coming together on December 3-4 for After the Leap conference.


A Fine Mess

An increasing number of healthcare leaders are intent on getting out ahead of the policy changes and figuring out how they can deliver better care, to more people, at lower cost.


Slow on the Uptake

If our sector is to make more than incremental progress, we simply must find a way to inspire and support high performance and make it the norm, rather than a blue-moon rarity.


Summer-Length Profiles in Courage

If leaders want to solve rather than just salve big social challenges, they must be humble enough to take a hard look in the mirror and courageous enough to reinvent…


After the Leap

For several months, we’ve included at the bottom of these updates a too-brief reference to a conference we and our friends at PerformWell have been working hard to develop and launch. We’re now ready to roll out all the details. “After the Leap: Building a Performance Culture” will not be just another “same old, same …


Can Government Play Moneyball?

The Atlantic Monthly‘s annual July/August “Ideas Issue,” which hit newsstands this week, features an article that could help the nascent performance movement go mainstream.

Can Government Play Moneyball?” was written by the high-powered bipartisan duo of Peter Orszag (former budget director under Obama) and John Bridgeland (former director of the Domestic Policy Council under G.W. Bush). It’s a provocative article that is sparking debate—and even some anger—about how little the federal government pays attention to performance and results when it allocates precious taxpayer dollars.


Mnogo srece

No, that subject line isn’t a typo. It means “good luck” in Serbian. Why is a guy who often mangles his native tongue trying Serbian? Read on, my friends. Serbia has come a long way in the 14 years since the end of the Kosovo War. Although ethnic tensions still run high, last month Serbia …

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