About David Hunter

quote1In the end all roads lead back to Bach!quote1 --Eliot Fisk

David E. K. Hunter…
“speaks and writes about the challenges of creating, delivering, and assessing social value.”

David E. K. Hunter, Ph.D., started out earning tenure as an anthropologist, then left his university position to earn an MSW in order to work on the front lines in social services. Now he consults internationally to funders and social service organizations in the nonprofit and public sectors.

He helps direct-service organizations develop results-driven strategies and theories of change (blueprints for success), build associated organizational capacities, and implement strategic and tactical performance-management systems. He also works with funders on implementing effective practices in social investing. And he speaks and writes about the challenges of creating, delivering, and assessing social value.

David’s practice is grounded in over three decades of work in, and leading, social service organizations, as well as consulting. He has written and edited numerous books in the social sciences; his peer-reviewed articles and the papers he has presented internationally about nonprofit and public-sector performance management are highly regarded. The web-based tools he recently developed for nonprofit and public-sector agencies to assess their capacity to manage performance and take stock of their readiness for evaluation are available on his website: www.dekhconsulting.com.

David plans to retire at the beginning of 2014, which probably means that he will continue to take on a few strategically chosen assignments. But he will focus on spending time with his wife, Elaine, visiting their daughter, Lisa, and playing classical guitar. As Eliot Fisk once observed in a concert, “In the end all roads lead back to Bach!”