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Curated Content: Why and How We Do It

Curated Content: Why and How We Do It

Internet pioneer Doug Engelbart defined a “networked improvement community” as “any group involved in a collective pursuit to improve a given capability…that puts special attention on how it can be dramatically more effective at solving important problems, boosting its collective IQ by employing better and better tools and practices in innovative ways.”

The Leap Ambassadors Community aspires to be a “networked improvement community.” Generating curated content is one way we seek to boost our collective IQ to help each other, and our sector, get better at getting better.

Here’s how it works:

  1. An ambassador poses a question to the community. Questions may be far-ranging but are relevant to the community’s shared purpose.
  2. Ambassadors respond to the question (usually within 24-48 hours of the posting) with advice, guidance, and input based on their diverse knowledge and experiences. Often, rich dialogues ensue with ambassadors expressing divergent perspectives or building on one another’s views. Responses often provide examples and references that may be useful to the questioner and others interested in learning more about the topic.
  3. The community curator tracks all responses; identifies themes, areas of consensus, and points of disagreement; conducts follow-up outreach and/or research to connect dots or fill in blanks where necessary; and creates a draft synthesis of the exchange. The curated piece of content should allow anyone interested in the topic to quickly understand the nuances of the issue and where to turn for more information.
  4. The draft synthesis is circulated to all ambassadors who contributed to the exchange for vetting and approval. The community curator may produce additional drafts to accurately reflect contributors’ input, but the draft should not significantly stray from the discussion that took place within the full community.
  5. Once contributors approve their comments, the draft is presented to the full Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community for review.

After incorporating any further input and barring any objections, “Ambassador Insights” are posted on the Leap of Reason website under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To maintain trust and open, honest dialogue, we do not publicly share syntheses that contain sensitive information or personal views that an ambassador(s) does not want shared beyond the community. These “Ambassador Weigh-Ins” are stored in the Ambassadors private website for internal reference.