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quote1 Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.quote1 --Jim Collins

Many elements and processes for building high-performance organizations are the same, no matter whether you’re involved in social, public, or even private sector work. We recognize, however, that there are nuances among the different types of organizations and leaders and each ecosystem requires different navigation. Here you’ll find specific materials and resources that are applicable to the type of organizations you’re working with. We’re always looking to add quality information here so drop us a line if there’s a “must-have” book, article, video, etc., in your toolkit.


Nonprofit Leaders

The suite of Leap of Reason materials provides informative and provocative material that helps nonprofit boards, management, and staff 1) better understand and start to prepare for the forces changing the social sector; 2) facilitate board and/or staff planning sessions; 3) contribute to leadership and professional staff development, and 4) take important steps toward becoming a high-performance organization.

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Government Leaders

Leap of Reason, although initially directed at and written for nonprofit organizations, is equally applicable to the challenges facing federal, state and municipal government agencies as they seek to do more with less and improve the social impact of their efforts through their own services or those done through grant and contract programs. As federal agencies incorporate the Executive Branch’s directive to include information about how they plan to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs and link their disbursements to evidence, the materials have even greater relevance.

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Consultants & Providers

Management consultants, planners, executive coaches, evaluators, software and services firms, and other providers will find the suite of Leap of Reason materials and its message of high performance relevant to their market education, consultative sell, delivery of services, and client support efforts for their nonprofit and public sector clients.

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