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quote1 Leaders who see that high performance must be the norm if we are to make meaningful progress in addressing society’s most challenging problems. quote1

“Mario Morino wrote a little book that has had a big impact… . The book is a bracing call to arms.”

Yvonne Zipp"A little book has a big impact on how to run a charity"The Christian Science Monitor Weekly, 5/14/12

“I’ve not only read the book, I’m using it in my fall class on social entrepreneurship. It’s terrific. Well organized, well argued, entirely accessible to experts, givers, and start-ups.”

Dr. Paul LightPaulette Goddard Professor of Public ServiceNew York University

“I thought your talk was one of the most important ones I’ve heard in a long time. I agree that the human services sector is facing unprecedented challenges, but I had based that primarily on the cuts in public funding that are surely coming our way and secondarily on a slow and uncertain economic recovery. The new and unsettling message in your remarks was that technology is so cheap and effective that it is creating a nation that is simultaneously highly productive and harboring a large class of permanently unemployed people. This kind of entrenched income inequality is fundamentally antithetical to everything we prize in our society.”

Carol EmigPresidentChild Trends

“Spending cuts will cause a crisis in the social sector that ’will have an impact on almost every non-profit [organisation] in America, whether or not it receives government funds,’ writes Mario Morino, a veteran philanthropist, in ’Leap of Reason’, one of three new books that address the same thorny question of how to not merely give, but to give well…. The books draw examples from the many years the authors have spent promoting better philanthropy, and are all worth reading.”

“The beauty of Leap of Reason is its clarity…. The book has hit a home run in the nonprofit community.”

National Council of NonprofitsNonprofit Knowledge Matters newsletter, 2/9/12Help Your Nonprofit Take the Leap (of Reason)

“Any list of effective venture philanthropists should include Mario Morino…. [His] short book struck a chord because it wrestles honestly with the need that any responsible giver faces to measure impact and the difficulty of doing that right.”

Matthew BishopUS Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief, The Economist, Philanthrocapitalism blog Philanthrocapitalism blog, Books of the YearThe Economist, 12/28/11

“Mario Morino’s book, Leap of Reason, is the clearest articulation of how and why we should be thinking hard about data, information and learning in order to do what we do. I think we’re beginning to reinvent the core elements of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector…. Leap of Reason is much more pragmatic than the abstract, long term reinvention that I’m watching occur. ”

Lucy BernholzManaging Director, Arabella Philanthropic Investment AdvisorsInformation—"the single best basis for improvement" Philanthropy 2173 blog, 7/26/11

“Morino’s book offers practical advice on one of the most difficult challenges facing donors and nonprofit leaders—measuring success…. Leap of Reason is a concise guide to help donors get and stay focused on the results they seek.”

Tom Tierney Chairman and Co-founder, Bridgespan Group"Five Books That Should be in Every Donor's Library"Philanthropy Roundtable website, 10/11

“[Morino] is among the best I know at imagining what can be, but without that comprising his ability to see things as they are. His new book, LEAP OF REASON, is a powerful summation of much of what he’s learned.”

Bill ShoreFounder and CEO, Share Our Strength“Mario Morino on the fiscal crisis facing nonprofits and the need to rethink and reinvent”Bearing Witness blog, 3/3/12

“The book is a must read for anyone who cares about impact…. Indeed, Leap of Reason should be the first assignment in the foundation-grantees book club.”

Phil BuchananPresident, Center for Effective PhilanthropyWhy Foundations Need to Make a Leap of ReasonCenter for Effective Philanthropy blog, 7/13/11