Quotes from Leaders Like You

quote1 Leaders who see that high performance must be the norm if we are to make meaningful progress in addressing society’s most challenging problems. quote1

“As Mario Morino of Venture Philanthropy Partners argues in his important new book, Leap of Reason, ’Every ounce of our effort on assessing social outcomes should be with one end in mind: helping nonprofits deliver greater benefits to those they serve.’”

Phil BuchananPresident, Center for Effective PhilanthropyAvoiding a False Choice (Why We Need Both Passion and Assessment)Center for Effective Philanthropy blog, 7/21/11

“I read it in one night and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is it…. All our program managers and vice presidents, we’re all reading the book.”

Margaret MitchellPresident and CEOYWCA Greater Cleveland

“Our Leadership team read Leap of Reason together, chapter by chapter, in our monthly team meetings. Our leaders are incorporating the principles they learned in the new action plans they are writing. I’m very excited to see the impact this will have on the men, women, and children we serve!”

Rich TrickelCEO The City Mission

“I have been actively working in the non-profit world for the last 4 years after a 26 year career in industry, primarily at the executive level. As I read your book, I found myself nodding and grinning…. So much of what you advocate is what I have experienced in industry working with or creating high-performance organizations.”

Dennis L. HarveyPresidentDennis L. Harvey Consulting, Inc.

“As I read this book, I kept wanting to shout out, ’Amen!’ Finally someone argues so clearly why understanding if a social solution is working is not a luxury or a ’nice to have’ but rather an absolute necessity for our new reality.”

Nell EdgingtonPresident, Social VelocityA Call to Arms for the Nonprofit SectorSocial Velocity blog, 6/28/11

“A successful entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial philanthropist, Mario delivers an emphatic message in this valuable monograph: A highly disciplined managerial approach is absolutely essential if nonprofits are to produce the demonstrable and sustainable impact that all desire.”

Steve DenningChairmanGeneral Atlantic, LLC

“The release of Leap of Reason could not have come at a better time for Saint Luke’s Foundation. We have used your book to inform a complete re-design of our approach to grantmaking and outcomes/learning.”

Denise San Antonio ZemanPresident and CEOSaint Luke’s Foundation

“Have you ever read a book that so clearly, concisely, and compellingly distilled an issue, you just felt the need to share it? Recently, I encountered such a book … Leap of Reason…”

Joyce Lee-IbarraFounder & OwnerJLI Consulting

“I have included Leap of Reason on the syllabus for my graduate course on nonprofit management, because it provides critical information about performance management in a straightforward, thoughtful, and compelling way. I recommend to other professors that they include the book in their courses. Best of all, it’s available to students for free online.”

Alan J. AbramsonDirector, Center for Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy, and PolicyGeorge Mason University

“In this environment of shrinking dollars and increasing complexity, Leap of Reason, provides an excellent road map to help social sector executives focus on the highest and best use of their precious resources. Without the disciplined approach Morino outlines, it will be almost impossible for nonprofits to make meaningful progress and, frankly, tell their story effectively.”

Kim Wright-ViolichPrincipalEchidna LLC